Sweden Rock Magazine

Hammerfall - Avenge the fallen


Release date: August 9th


Everybody ordering the upcoming Hammerfall album from Sweden Rock Magazine gets an exclusive bonus CD-single with their purchase. 

The CD single contains the "Game of thrones" song along with "Hail to the king" (recorded live at Sweden Rock Festival).


You also get a high-quality photo in A4 size signed by the band!


If you are going to Sweden Rock Festival, you also have the chance to join a competition in which 60 lucky winners will get the chance to come on stage and sing with Hammerfall at the festival! Please note that a festival ticket is required (and the ticket is not included with the prize).


Everyone who orders automatically join the competition as well. Winners are contacted via e-mail during the end of May at the latest.


You also get a one-issue digital subscription. In June you will receive a link via e-mail to the digital issue with Hammerfall on the cover.

The subscription is then automatically cancelled unless you contact us about extending it.




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